What I’ve learned from living on a “budget”

31 Jul

I wish..

And by budget I mean very little money. And by very little money I mean nothing.

I’ve learned…

1. Calling your parents for money at the age if 23 is quite disheartening. “Heyyy mom….”

2. It is possible for your heart to break on a weekly basis. Funny that it’s not a boy’s fault, rather a tiny little gas light screaming “I’M EMPTY! FILL ME UP WITH YO MONEY! at you.

3. Trying to get a week’s worth of groceries for under $10 seems impossible at first. But then when you realize that you save a lot of money by not eating lunch it makes it a lot easier.

4. You don’t HAVE to live off Ramen Noodles. Seriously. I haven’t bought any in months.

5. Cherish the few times you do get to go out. Focus on the fun times with friends, not the food and drink.

6. Speaking of drink, water is actually quite delicious. Perhaps not as delicious as an ice cold beer on a Friday night after a long week, but when you have less than $5 in your account, water is great.

7. The sadness of not getting to see a movie in theaters will wear off. I promise.

8. Coffee at home tastes like coffee at Starbucks. Just sayin…

9. Friday (and Saturday) nights at home are totally underrated. It also gives you ample time to do laundry, clean and read. OR you could watch a Degrassi marathon and update your blog. Whatever works.

10. It’s easy to not buy new things if you never shop.

11. It is also easy to forget the color of your debit card when you never use it. Sad but true.

12. The less money in your account, the harder you’ll work to make sure you get an awesome job after graduation.


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