Why Glee might be bad for me

13 Oct


I watch Glee every week. Sometimes twice, okay three times, a week.

I love the songs, the dancing Asian and Sue Sylvester.

While it is true that I have a soft spot for all things musical (I like to blame my Indian background and childhood screenings of Bollywood movies for that one), even I must admit that part of the reason I watch this show so much is because I find at least 50 percent of the boys completely adorable (including the dancing Asian).

Anywho, I was watching it today with my mom and she kept commenting on how mean the character of Kurt is. And then I kept getting upset and defending his honor. She really doesn’t understand why I like Kurt so much. And frankly, either do I.

I mean, lets face it. He is kind of rude, even when his friends are trying to help him. His outfits are all sorts of crazy. He can be selfish. He’s basically one big walking stereotype that does not necessarily need to be portrayed.

So basically, I like him because he’s everything I’m not. And yes, I realize I’m one big walking cliche. Whatever.

I might not be rude, but sometimes I wish I could be. Fashion-wise, I would love to take risks and be crazy but I care too much about what other people think (except for leggings. I will always wear leggings no matter how people look at me!). And the only reason I’m not actually selfish is because I prefer to deal with other people’s problems rather than my own.

Another cliche, I know. Feel free to leave anytime you want.

And every time I want to jump over to the other side and start hating him and his big sweaters and silly hats, he says something so true to my life I want to cry. Like this episode when he said “Why can’t I walk hand in hand with someone I like? Why can’t I slow dance at the prom?”

*Heart breaks*

Ugh, I know that there is so much more to this characters story and it’s not just black and white. But I feel for him. Yes, he can be pushy but he’s just going after what he wants because he thinks he deserves it. I’m sure there are kids like him all over and I feel for them too. They don’t realize how they’re coming across because they’re busy going after what they want. Kurt never intends to hurt anybody, so I don’t see the harm.

Kurt acts on his feelings and gets crap for him. I don’t act on my feelings and give myself crap for it. And where did that get me? Not sure. But I can tell you this: I never walked hand in hand with anybody in high school and I didn’t slow dance at the prom.

My only hope is that they introduce some sweet boy who gives Kurt the attention he seeks before he scares all the other boys in that school out of Ohio.

And in case you’re wondering, THIS is why Glee might be bad for me. Take a minute to reflect back on the fact that I just wrote (and you just read) a heartfelt post about a fictional character. Furthermore, I managed to compare it to my own life. Impressive, no?




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