Stupid girls are stupid.

14 Oct

Today started out like any other Thursday has for the past six weeks: Got up, cursed my life, got dressed, slapped makeup on my face, made coffee, watched the Today show, wished I was in New York and got into my car to make the two hour trip to SA for class.

I think I’ve said this before, but the only thing that makes the drive bearable (as I hate driving) is the fact that I get to listen to The Bobby Bones show. I’ve been listening to it since I moved to Austin (nine years ago!) and I still love it to this day. It was one of the “Austin” things I missed when I did actually live in SA like other normal UTSA students do.

Moving on, did you know that stupid girls are really stupid?

You need some background on what I’m about to rant about. So yesterday morning I was listening to the show while getting ready for my walk/jog/sad attempt at a run and heard this girl named “Melissa” call in and talk about how she has Herpes but doesn’t think she needs to tell the guys she dates because “she doesn’t have sex during an outbreak and uses condoms…most of the time”.

Stay with me here, friends.

The show respectfully used a voice changer so nobody knows what she really sounds like and Melissa is obviously not her real name. She agreed to talk about her “situation” on her own and honestly thinks what she is doing is not wrong. At this point I had to leave. The sun was coming out and we all know how I feel about running in the sun.

I hate it. Almost as much as I hate stupid girls.

Apparently, I missed the “bashing of Melissa” as I was busy dodging sunlight. Part of the what makes The Bobby Bones show so fun for me is that they always let listeners call in and give their opinion on what’s being featured. Not that I’ve ever called in, but I totally will one of these days. So tons of people called in and gave their opinion, which was: What she’s doing is awful and the fact that she has no remorse makes her that much worse of a person. Or something along those lines.

Basically nobody called in to congratulate her for being a stand up human.

 This made poor little “Melissa” mad. So now she’s threatening legal action against the show for defamation. She says she was not told that all that was going to happen and feels mislead.

Miss “I have an STD but I’ll just keep that my little secret during sex” feels mislead. I’m going to try to keep my rant to just one paragraph, for your sake.

Let’s pretend that this wasn’t about Herpes or anything remotely sexual. Anybody who has listened to this morning show for at least 10 minutes knows that not only do the hosts never hold back on their opinions, but they ALWAYS have people calling in to talk too. So if you call in to say you really enjoy oatmeal raisin cookies over the chocolate chip variety, you will know how at least six other people feel about your decision. And you better believe that they’re going to have something to say if you think it’s okay to hide the fact that you have Herpes from your partners. This isn’t like a common cold or allergies. If her partners get it, they have it for life. How does she not see that? And, to tell you the truth I know people (both guys and girls) who have still had sex even when they found out their partners had Herpes or another STD. So maybe she wouldn’t always have to lie. I mean, the fact that she is keeping this information to herself (except when she goes on show listened by thousands of people, of course) shows that she knows it’s wrong. She has to be ashamed, but she’s too damn selfish to worry about other people. Ugh. Also, she wants to sue because she feels like the show has now hurt her identity, or something stupid like that. What identity, “Melissa”? Nobody knows your real name OR what you sound like.  Is she even aware that if she does file a lawsuit she’s going to have to reveal her true identity?  Seriously, “Melissa” let’s think about this for a sec before you make any more ridiculous decisions. Nothing good can come from this. Nobody is going to feel bad for you. And like somebody said on the show this morning, any money you might win from a lawsuit is going to go to all the guys who are going to promptly sue you the minute they find out your little “secret”.

Sorry, I never said it would be a short paragraph. Isn’t it bad enough that I’m continuously losing faith in humanity for no good reason? Now girls like her are giving me actual reasons to hate them.

Way to go, “Melissa”. Way.To.Go.


3 Responses to “Stupid girls are stupid.”

  1. shrinkingfoodie October 14, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    It’s sad that you of all people are losing faith in humanity. I hope I had nothing to do with this. Also, she’s ridiculously dumb and should go back to every one of her partners and tell them what’s up. Let’s see who sues who then.

    • Mansee October 14, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

      Silly! Of course you had nothing to do with that 🙂 My small amount of patience for stupid annoying people had everything to do with it, though.

  2. Christine October 14, 2010 at 7:02 pm #

    I listened to that yesterday and today! She is ridiculous! Defamation? Seriously?! No one knows who she is. She even said a few people came up to her and asked her about it, what a crock?

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