No makeup Tuesdays

9 Nov

Have you ever made a pot of chili with only one hand?

I have. About four hours ago, actually. I cut my hand on the jagged end of a can of beans while rinsing them. A normal person would immedietely put a band-aid on. However, a normal person would have normal parents who keep the band-aids in normal places. Or at least tell their daughters about it.

My parents keep them in the remote drawer in the family room. Totally normal. I cooked with a napkin wrapped around my finger–about as ghetto as I get.

Whatever, the chili came out just fine AND I promise no blood got in.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about here (I just figured you might get a chuckle out of another one of my cooking fails).

********Moving on**************

A couple of weeks ago I read about a group of high school girls in Texas who started “No Makeup Tuesdays”. You can read more about it here, but basically these girls go to school every Tuesday with zero makeup on.

Zilch. Nada. Nothing on their face but a smile. Sweet, isn’t it?

They’re doing it to show that girls are beautiful as they are. That we don’t need layers of makeup to feel pretty and that we should all feel confident enough to walk around fresh faced whenever we want.

I’ve had such a weird relationship with makeup, mainly because I started wearing it at a pretty young age. I started dancing when I was six and makeup was required for all my performances. And not just a light dusting of powder and a swipe of lipstick kind of makeup–this was full foundation/blush/eyeshadow/liner/mascara/lipstick makeup. I was basically a tiny little Indian Tammy Faye. I loved it back then, though, because it made me feel like a grown-up. I would sit on the counter in my parents bathroom while my mom made up my face. It was some of our first mother-daughter bonding time.

Then I turned 11 and decided I was cool enough to wear it to school. My parents bought me one of those little pink “kits” that had blue and pink eyeshadow, pink blush and lipstick. Please take a second and imagine all those “cool” colors on my brown ass skin. Oh, and I also convinced them to buy me black eyeliner–and I circled my eyes with the stuff. Okay, continue imagining my 11 year-old self now.

Not cute.

Obviously I’ve matured since then (in the makeup sense at least) and I’m pretty sure I know what looks good on my face (GOODBYE bright pink blush, HELLOOO bronzer), More importantly, though, I don’t feel the need to wear it all the time. I actually enjoy wearing makeup so I do wear it regulary, but I don’t feel less pretty without it. Today I went to the grocery store right after I worked out. Not only did I not have makeup on, but I looked like a “I just ran in the sun for 30 minutes” hot mess.

This also reminded me why I hate the sun.

Anywho, I think what these high school girls are doing is great. To have that kind of confidence in high school is rare, and I commend them for that. Perhaps I’ll have my own no makeup Tuesday in honor?

Actually I probably will, I always wake up late on Tuesdays and barely have time. Whoops.

No makeup! Where am I looking?

Obviously I could have found a better "makeup" picture, but what's the fun in that?



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