Friday Timeline

29 Nov

The only thing left on my to-do list today is blog. So here we are.

I thought about the idea for this post on Friday  because for some reason I seem to think people want to know what it is their favorite blogger (ha!) does to kick off the weekend. Let’s just forget that it’s Sunday night and I’m just getting around to it, okay?

So here it is. The timeline of my oh-so-exciting Friday.

8:oo a.m.-I got up like 30 minutes earlier than I needed to so I could enjoy a cup of coffee instead of throwing the scalding hot liquid down my throat on my way out. Call me crazy, but I prefer the former.

8:30 a.m.-Got ready for work and put my game face on for Black Friday. I swear on all that is holy that this will be my last holiday season working retail. You heard it here first, folks. And if I don’t have a job by this time next year, I’m joining the circus. You heard that here first too.

9:15 a.m.-Left for work because my manager told me to leave early because “parking will be awful” and it wouldn’t be an acceptable excuse if I was late. I ended up sitting in the parking lot for 20 minutes because parking was not awful and my manager is crazy.

10:00 a.m.-6:30 p.m.-I kicked Black Friday’s ass. If you ever need anybody to smile and be friendly and act like they don’t hate the world on a shopping day like this, call me. I’m really good at it. As far as I know my parents didn’t do anything all day but sit around and miss me. I think my mom went to work at some point in the afternoon. Maybe.

I kid. I kid. But seriously, I don’t know what they did.

7:00ish p.m.-Home sweet home. My parents apologized for starting dinner without me. No need for apologies since I ate like I had never seen food in my life before. Needless to say, I managed to finish eating before them. Even my dog was impressed. Then I go upstairs to get ready for my night.

7:15 p.m.-On the couch. In my pajamas. Under my Snuggie. Yes, yes and YES.

7:18 p.m.-9:30ish p.m.– I watch “Love Actually” because it’s the day after Thanksgiving and there should be a law that requires everybody with a heart to watch that movie on that day. Why? Because love actually is all around. That’s why.


7:18 p.m.-9:30ish  p.m.- My parents are downstairs watching a show called Sa Re Ga Ma Pa on one of the Indian channels we have. It’s basically like American Idol  but different, because they do have Indian Idol and my mother is completely obsessed with both shows. The show is one hour long. It takes them more than two hours to watch it because they basically re-watch every song at least three times. Sometimes I can’t remember what our life was like without a DVR. When I bring this up to my mom she gets a little teary eyed. We have 25 episodes of Indian Idol and 14 of this one saved. It’s a problem.

This guy is one of the judges. Oh yes.

At some point I turned the volume up on my TV because I couldn’t hear over my parent’s clapping and cheering after every viewing. They  ask me to turn it down. FML.

9:30ish p.m.: My movie ends. The only thing keeping me from watching it again is the fact that I’m exhausted. One could argue that it’s because I worked all day. But that would imply I don’t go to bed early all the time, which is what I do. I am basically 80 years old.

9:35ish p.m.-I go downstairs to bother my dog and say goodnight to my parents. They ask me what I was laughing at earlier. I respond with “My life.” I am so funny. Actually I was probably laughing at Hugh Grant dancing. Or Colin Firth being all goofy and charming. Or Keira Knightly being all bony and annoying. It’s funny to me.

9:40 p.m.-They make me watch one of the songs. It’s alright, but it’s no “Whip my hair” or anything. That song will make you cheer..and then cry–mainly because you’ve probably accomplished less in your life than a 9-year old child.

10:00 p.m.-I’m in bed. Even Willow Smith probably stays up later than me.





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