Sick of finals

30 Nov

Replace that Red Bull with coffee, and you've got me.

As fun as sponteneity might be, I believe it is important to have at least a few constants in your life. People and things you can always count on even when your life seems to be spiraling out of control. Most people have multiple constants, which is good.

For them.

You want to know one of my constants? I bet you do, since it hasn’t let me down since I began my college career about a million years ago.

I get sick right before finals.

You’re probably thinking to yourself (or screaming at your computer) “What’s the big deal stupid? Wouldn’t you rather be sick before finals, rather than during them?!”

And to you my answer is “No, and please keep your voice down.”

See the problem is that finals week isn’t just finals week anymore. It starts right after Thanksgiving which extends finals week to two weeks. And that initial week is awful. Actual finals are bad enough, but the “wrap-up” period during a semester is worse, and that’s why I consider it part of “finals season”.

Papers, presentations, powerpoints, oh my!

Yesterday marked the beginning of the season. I have (arguably) the most important presentation of my life thus far in 4.5 hours, and three (3!) papers due today. On Thursday (as in the day after tomorrow) I have a final, a presentation and another paper due. Next week I have two actual finals, both of which are full of multiple choice questions and essays. I was on campus for 11 hours yesterday and will be here for another 11 today. And on the days I’m not at school, I’ll be at work…thinking about school.

This is not the time for me to be sneezing and sniffling my way through life.

Luckily, my time management skills have improved by about 3859430 percent this semester and I got a lot done ahead of time (giving me the time to blog, yay) but that stress is still there. Just because those papers are in my folder waiting to be turned in doesn’t mean I’m done.  

And what about this presentation that my group has only been able to practice once because some people can’t get their lives in order for a 20 minute presentation. Like, really? We’ve been preparing for this since the first day of class. Seven people in the group and only three of us actually know what’s up. It’s the only grade we are recieveing in this class. We get an A on this project, we get an A in the class. We get a C on this project, we get a C in the class. How does this not seem important to everybody else? We are public relations majors. If we don’t get a good grade on this public relations campaign presentation, it will literally make the last couple of years of our lives completely unneccessary.

Not true, but still.

Group projects makes me ill too.

My eyes burn from staring at a computer screen for hours on end. My sanity is slowly dying every time a group member doesn’t show up for a meeting. My driving abilities are being threatned as the idea of being in car makes me want to slam my head against a wall and my head feels like it’s going to explode.

And most importantly (obviously), I NEED to find time to bake because that’s all I want to do before Christmas. But I can’t be sick because nobody likes a flu cookie. Even if it is full of chocolate chips.

Here comes the worst part (yea, I’m still complaining): Being sick this week means I will be “getting over” my sickness next week. The week of two actual finals. Do you know what this means? This means I”ll be THAT person.

THAT person whom I’ve probably complained about in this very blog who coughs and sniffles during a test. The person who makes you forget everything you studied because all you can think about is getting them a tissue and some cough drops. The person who will be the subject of somebody else’s blog.


Somebody get me my dog, snuggie and a Law&Order marathon. I need to get better stat.


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