Conversations with my mom

8 Dec

She’s an enabler:

Mom: Hey so your studying is going well right?

Me: Sure.

Mom: Sooo you technically could take a break and come to Macy’s with me?

Me: Why, yes I believe I can.

She stays on top of the trends:

Mom: Hey look at these! And they’re 70% off.

Me: Are those jeggings?

Mom: Yea, I think they’ll look really cute on you!

Me: You realize these will be the second pair of jeggings you will have bought me, right?

Mom: Um, no. You’re paying for these working girl.

(By the way, I did buy them and they are the most wonderful article of clothing in the world. I may never go back to regular denim again)

She can’t pass up a good deal:

Mom: Ooh look what I got at HEB!

Me: Donuts, really? Isn’t it bad enough that I bake every chance I get?

Mom: They had a special! I got these for free after buying two coffee creamers.

Me: Didn’t you just buy new coffee creamers the other day?

Mom: Yea.


Mom: Wha?

Me: Remember the other day when I told you I had a dream that you went out and bought like four eggnog creamers?!

Mom: Oh yea! These aren’t eggnog, but still that’s weird.

She calls me out:

Mom: Shouldn’t you be wearing a longer top with those leggings?

Me: What?! My ass is totally covered!

Mom: That Tom guy was on Oprah the other day and he was talking about this.

Me: Tom who?

Mom: You know! Tom, or Tim maybe? The fashion guy!

Me: Tim Gunn?

Mom: Yes! He said that you should wear leggings like you would tights. So like under a dress or something.

Me: Well if Tim Gunn wants to buy me black pants to wear to work than I will gladly retire the leggings.

Mom: You’re basically a fashion po-pas.

Me: A what?!

Mom: A Po-pas! Isn’t that how you say it?

Me: Oh dear lord, you mean faux-pas don’t you?

Mom: Po-pas sounds better.



2 Responses to “Conversations with my mom”

  1. Christine December 16, 2010 at 1:48 pm #

    Your mom sounds like a hoot! I literally laughed (silently at work) throughout your entire post!

  2. Sonia @ Master of Her Romaine January 4, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    po-pas! I once heard an auntie at an Indian party pronounce it “fox-pass”…

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