Another baking mishap

29 Dec

I know, total surprise.

This actually happened a few weeks ago, but since I don’t update as much as I should we have some major catching up to do.

So one Thursday, I was baking. A lot. Since I’m poor, I sometimes substitute baked goods for material presents. I had decided that I wanted to send some delicious treats to my brother and his family in Ohio, but I had to bake it all the day before we were going to ship everything out.

This meant for a very messy kitchen and a very frazzled Mansee.

I wore my jeggings (By the way, I’ve come up with a new drinking game. Every time I mention my jeggings on this blog you get to take a shot. Fun, huh?) and lugged a giant bag of flour to the counter.

I was going to play some music, but I was too lazy to go get my iPod. That flour really was heavy.

First I made a cake. Then I made pumpkin loaf. Then I crumbled up the cake to make rum balls. Then I drank some rum. Then I made some cookies. Then I took a break to do something that I can’t say because my mother would kill me. Then I drank some more rum and made another batch of cookies.

Then I tried the pumpkin loaf.

Imagine my surprise when what was suppose to be a dense, moist, sweet, pumpkiny treat turned out to be a dense, moist, pumpkiny fail.

Notice how I left out the word “sweet” that second time. That’s code for I FORGOT TO ADD SUGAR.

Dumb. If anybody ever asks you to come up with one word to describe me, I order you to say “dumb”.

If they allow two words, you can add in “charming”. But “dumb” is first.

So what did I do? I made more pumpkin loaf while listening to my mom ask “Did you forget anything this time?” and “Don’t forget the pumpkin!” Har har.

Mom’s got jokes.

So the second (delicious) loaf went into the oven and I realized I still had the failure loaf on my hands. It was basically laughing at me. Laughing at my failure. I graduated from college and am being laughed at by a baked (not so) good?

Oh heck no.

I hiked up my jeggings and grabbed the bottle of rum. But instead of pouring it into my mouth, I drowned the sound of sugarless laughter in it.

Pumpkin rum balls anyone?




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