31 Dec

I’m a total follower and just can’t handle the idea of ringing in the new year without doing some sort of “2010 Recap” post. It will be ridiculous. It will (hopefully) make you laugh. It will have nothing to do with serious, important topics and everything to do with meaningless topics. It might make you re-evaluate your friendship with me. Either way, I hope you enjoy it 🙂

2010 Recap (Mansee style)

Biggest Disappointment: Finding out the song “Grenade” was, in fact, in reference to an actual grenade and not the Jersey Shore definition of one.

Best Role Model: Ke$ha. She makes me want to brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack, put glitter on my eyes and echo all my words. In other words, I want to be her when I grow trashy.

Biggest news story that shouldn’t have been big: Taylor Swift writing a song about John Mayer treating her like dirt. Homeboy is kind of douche, and that’s why we love him.

Scariest Moment: Thinking James Cameron was going to win an Oscar for Avatar.

Biggest Surprise: Justin Bieber cutting his bangs.

Most Interesting Fact Learned: A G6 is a plane. Which makes the line “Fly like a G6” that much more clever.

Moment I realized America had problems: When CNN featured stories on Bristol Palin’s run on Dancing with the Stars.

Best Game: Counting how many songs feature Nicki Minaj or Drake. (Hint: All of them).

Saddest Moment: Realizing Oprah will never have a Favorite Things episode, ever again.

Happiest Moment: Weezy being released from jail!

Best Weezy Lyric: “I’ve been fly so long I fell asleep on the (insert explicit word here) plaaaaane”

Biggest Timesuck: Tie between Texts From Last Night and FailBlog. And for me, watching “beauty gurus” on Youtube.

Craziest Person on TV: Nancy Grace. This will never change.

Most Overplayed Song (otherwise known as the song that made me want to shoot myself every time I heard it): Tie between Teenage Dream and California Gurls. Both by Katy Perry. Sorry, Katy.

Weirdest Music Video Couple: Megan Fox and that hobbit from LOTR in “Love the way you lie”. Nobody believed that guys, nobody.

Best (Under)Dressed: Lady Gaga. Honorable Mention: Miley Cyrus.

No pants are the new pants.

Best New Word: Jeggings!

That’s all for now friends. Hope y’all have a wonderful new years!


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