10 Jan

I think I’m going crazy. Again.

Maybe it’s because I’m working at two jobs this week (just started at BN, haven’t quit VS yet). Believe it or not, selling a cup of coffee is a lot different than selling a bra.

Maybe it’s because it’s impossible to forget how to make Starbucks drinks, thus making my “training” at BN totally useless.

Maybe it’s because I hate that I have to tell people I work at the “BN Cafe” when I basically feel like I’m working at Starbucks again.

Maybe it’s because I need to get out of retail. Soon.

Oh hey, maybe it’s because I’m reading a book about a woman who goes crazy looking for jobs. Not the best timing on my part, but at least it’s hilarious. Jen Lancaster is too much.

Maybe I’ll stop talking about jobs.

Maybe it’s because I spent an entire hour at the grocery store, when it should have taken just 20 minutes.

Maybe I shouldn’t have spent so much time debating on whether to get roasted sunflower seeds or unroasted sunflower seeds.

Maybe I should have realized I would be roasting them anyway, so unroasted was the better choice. And cheaper.

Maybe it’s because I bought soy chorizo. Ew? I had my mom’s credit card so all bets were off.

Maybe my mom is the crazy one because she still doesn’t realize that sending me to the store with her card never bodes well for her bank account.

Maybe it’s because I randomly think of Family Guy scenes at the most inappropriate times and end up laughing my ass off in front of a bunch of strangers.

Maybe you should fast-forward to :55 to get to the funny part

Maaaaybe I just spent 30 minutes watching Family Guy clips.

Maybe it’s because my dog’s birthday is tomorrow and I feel bad I didn’t get him anything. Seriously, look at this face.

I just love him too much.

That’s his  “stop taking crappy pictures of me with your phone and please start feeding me the grapes you are eating” face.

Maybe it’s because I actually say (out loud) to my dog “I want to give you grapes, I really do because I know how much you love them! BUT I won’t because I would just die if got sick. I would JUST DIE Max.”

Maybe it’s because I’m eating grapes instead of drinking them. Plus, Max doesn’t beg for alcohol.

Maybe Max is straightedge?

Yup, definitely crazy.









One Response to “Maybe..”

  1. katie January 11, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    awww MAX!! He’s so cute! I haven’t seen him in so long!

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