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Here I go again with the ranting

27 Oct

Last year I wrote a case study for my PR Case Studies class about bringing back the popularity of newspapers. I’m not going to lie, it was one of the few assignments I put an insane amount of work into. I’m kind of an awesome “paper bullshitter” (not that I’m proud of that or anything…) but not this time. You guys, I actually spent Saturdays at the library for this one.


I printed out all 20-whatever pages of it, presented it and then went home for Thanksgiving all proud of myself. I immediately told my brother about it because I require his approval of everything I do and you know what he said? Silly.

Well that’s a lie, because I don’t think he would ever use the word “silly”, but he basically disagreed with everything I wrote about and managed to counterpoint every argument I made within 30 seconds. His main point was that everything was going to be online, so get use to it. Except a little more eloquently than that. As a budding public relations professional (ha) I know I’m suppose to love all this new technology and our ability to get news so fast, but a part of me wishes it was still “cool” to spend time each morning reading a newspaper and drinking coffee.

I was thinking about that yesterday when I read the article Marie Claire posted on their website titled “Should fatties get a room (even on TV)?”

No matter my size, that “article” is quite offensive. And on top of that, it’s poorly written and edited which is equally offensive to me as I edit my own text messages. I, being the naive person I am, refused to believe that anybody would 1. actually feel this way and 2. actually admit to feeling this way. It had to be a joke! So time that should have been spent reading for class was spent reading every.single.comment on this “story”.

Oh man, this girl who wrote it (who happens to be a blogger) got a verbal beat down. More so today, after the news of the “article” got around and is being talked about everywhere (obviously!). There are now over 1200 comments, most of which are against the “article” and think the writer should be fired. In her defense, she did write an apology (the piece was recently updated to include the apology) which, in my opinion, seems genuine. I don’t think she is a bad person, but she does need to learn how to write her opinions without coming across as downright mean.

I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other … because I’d be grossed out if I had to watch them doing anything. To be brutally honest, even in real life, I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room — just like I’d find it distressing if I saw a very drunk person stumbling across a bar or a heroine addict slumping in a chair.”

That’s mean.

And THIS is exactly why I don’t ever want to see newspapers or magazines go away. An article like that would never have been published in actual print and so it shouldn’t be put on the website of a “respectable” magazine. I love blogs (um, duh) but I don’t ever think they should be printed in article form. Blogs are for opinions and should always be that way. But the minute you put that blog on the website of an actual publication, it becomes an article. And, in my opinion, articles need facts, whether it be news, features, arts, sports, etc. I love that more and more people are being given the chance to write, and I firmly believe that everyone should be entitled to their own opinion, but I also believe that publications have a duty to think about who their audience is and how what they write can be construed. I do love journalism, and I don’t want to see journalists go down the drain because of “articles” like this.

By the way, I totally brought all of this up in my paper a year ago. Just sayin…

Oh and since I know you’re just dying to know, I did get an A on that paper. But that was probably because my professor really liked me. I could have written about puppies and rainbows and I still would have done well. He use to come to me before class started and sing songs from old hindi movies to me. It was borderline inappropriate.


So this is why I’m single? Nah.

30 Sep

This picture will makes sense once you start reading. And yes, I am holding up the wrong hand. I get confused sometimes.

Ran across the article below while perusing www.bobbybones.com today. For those who are wondering, Bobby Bones is the host of the morning radio show I listen to in Austin. I’m basically obsessed with this show. You should hear me on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I drive to SA for class, I literally scream and cry when I start to hear that fuzzy little noise that can only mean I’m losing them. Sad times indeed.

Another thing I’m slightly obsessed with? Lists. Of all sorts. To-do lists, ingredient lists, summer reading lists, etc. I mean, c’mon, this blog was originally centered around lists! I don’t know if it’s because I secretly am an organized person or because I’m so dumb my brain can’t handle sentences strung together in paragraph form. I’ll go with the former.

Moving on,  I always  read these types of articles and wonder if I’m suppose to fall into one of the predetermined categories they oh-so-nicely list for me. Just because I like, okay LOVE, lists doesn’t mean I’d like to be on one thankyouverymuch.

This article is about (insert dramatic pause here)…SINGLE WOMEN.

Which Type Of Single Woman Are You? Here Are 12 Types

1.  The Soul-Mate Seeker: Someone who is doing everything she can to find The One.

2.  The Phoenix: A woman who recently had a painful breakup and is doing everything she can to rise from the ashes in better shape.

3.  The Organic: She prefers to leave things up to destiny and live her own life rather than hunting for men in any methodical or calculated way.

4.  The Princess-in-Waiting: She is waiting to be rescued by a prince (who sure is taking his royal time).

5.  The Late Bloomer: The rest of her life is on hold while she waits for her future husband to appear.

6.  The Free Spirit: She worries that she can only have one or the other — her independence or a committed relationship. (And she thinks the former is better.)

7.  The Wedding Wisher: She suddenly finds herself fantasizing about marriage after a lifetime of not caring about it.

8.  The Town Rebel: She no longer aspires to live the cookie-cutter lifestyle of everyone else in her community, though she once used to.

9.  The Ritual Re-inventor: A woman who wants to get hitched but also feels very strongly about having an unconventional marriage (right down to the wedding ceremony).

10. The Someday-Mom: She would like to have babies someday, but wishes she didn’t feel so much biological pressure to figure it out fast.

11. The Slow & Steady: A woman who hopes to marry when the time is right. Meanwhile, she does her best not to cave to the massive pressure she feels from friends, family, and society.

12. The Trailblazer: A woman who knows married life is not for her, so she’s trying to break a new kind of path to happiness.

End Article. Begin Mansee rant.

Um, really? I’m suppose to tell you that I’m just one of those women? Here’s the real deal:

To the public I (like to think I) am:

The Organic, The Town Rebel, The Someday Mom and  The Slow&Steady.

On the days that I hate the male species I am:

The Phoenix, The Ritual Re-Inventor and The Free Spirit.

If I lived in never, ever land with fairies and talking birds I would be:

The Princess-in-Waiting and The Late Bloomer.

If I find myself at age 50 sharing a one bedroom apartment with 8 dogs I will most certainly be:

The Someday Mom, The Trailblazer (just to make myself feel better, of course), The Wedding Wisher and The Soulmate Seeker.

Damn, I’m out of options. Maybe this is why they haven’t put a ring on it?

What about you? Can you relate to one of the above? Also, does the centered text weird you out? (If it does, I might consider changing it)