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What I’ve learned from Twitter

15 Sep

Ha. (Source)

In honor of Twitter unveiling “New Twitter” and the fact that I JUST figured out how to use regular Twitter, here we go!

I’ve learned…

1. For someone like me, who puts a lot of thought into everything they say, how it could be taken and, most importantly, how funny it is 140 characters is NOT ENOUGH. I can literally use that all up in commas, periods and question marks. Also, why is a space considered a character? It’s like air and air is not a character! Have you ever seen movie credits that say “and guest starring….Air”? No. Get on that Twitter.

2. You can make anything into an actual topic of conversation by putting one of these in front of the word(s): #. How crazy is that?! #college #procrastination #imblogginginsteadofstudyingbecauseimsoovercollegeandwanttograduateandgetanawesomejob. SEE, so cool!

3. Not only can Kanye West be considered the voice of our generation, he is now the voice of Twitter.

4. Retweets are kind of like sloppy seconds. Except less slutty.

5.I found out about John Mayer quitting Twitter….on Twitter.

6. 5,249,325. That is the number of followers Justin Bieber has. I am one of them. By the time you read this that number will probably be higher as will my degree of Bieber Fever.

7. Twitter is one of the few things that makes me feel like a 23-year-old. If you knew what time I go to bed, you’d think I was 65. If you knew how much Disney Channel I watch, you’d think I was 12. If you knew what went on in my head, you’d think I was crazy (oh wait, I am.) However, I can tweet from my phone and that’s what people my age do. It might be the only thing we do, but we do it well.

8. Twitter (or Twitterers, or Twits, whatev) need(s) spell check. It needs spell check more than I need to get over my dream of marrying an American tennis player and traveling all over the world with him while he wins championship after championship (all because of my love and support, of course). Yea, it needs it bad.

9. Twitter should win the award for “Website that made Mansee feel like a tool because she hated it for so long and thought that people who used it were dumb and it would never catch on and now she’s on it and is slightly obsessed with knowing what the Jonas Brothers are doing at all time.” I’ll even make a plaque.

10. Even though I only have 17 followers (pathetic, I know) I honestly think those 17 people truly truly care about my tweets. Even @FunNews. I don’t know who they are or what they do but I do know that they care deeply about me.

11. Insert shameless plug here: Follow me @ManseeKMuzumdar 🙂

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Random Musings

11 Sep

1. Fresh baked anything is better than store bought anything.

2. As classy as I hope to be one day (or pretend to be right now), I will always ALWAYS love a glass of cheap ass wine. I don’t know who these people are thinking I’m going to buy a bottle of wine for more than $7 dollars. On an unrelated (read: completely related) note, I’ve turned into my mother.

3. I received a take home test on Tuesday that is due this coming Tuesday (that’s a full week of possible procrastination people). I started this test on Thursday. This is new to me.

4. I’m quite behind on Jersey Shore. In my defense I’ve been watching the US Open. In the Shore’s defense, basically all the American guys/my favorite players were out by the end of the first week.

5. Sometimes I can’t decide who I love more: John Isner or Sam Querrey. And then I remember that I use to tape pictures of Andy Roddick on my binder in high school. And then I remember that I still watch the Disney Channel and can’t wait for the newsest episode of Jonas.

6. I think all guys should come attached to a guitar. And a tennis racket. But they should stop wearing tight pants. Just sayin.

7. I should talk about something that relevant to other people’s lives, shouldn’t I? But the only thing that I can think of is that crazy guy in Florida, and thinking about him makes me so mad so I won’t. I do realize there are other important topics I could talk about, but I am just not in the mood. No judging please.

8. I’ve decided that I want to live/work in a city where I don’t have to drive on a daily basis. This past week was horrible. Two near-death experiences and a flat tire. NO THANK YOU.

9. I’m obsessed with “beauty gurus” on Youtube. Seriously, these girls are like 15 years old but I need them to tell me how to put on my makeup.

10. The hardest decision I made last weekend (Labor Day weekend) was whether to watch Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live or Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam. I went with Camp Rock. For any new readers out there, I am 23 going on 12.