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Just call me Queen Bee

8 Feb

Update from yesterday’s post: I bought a few new yoga DVD’s (2 for $9.99 holla!) and I’m currently wearing yoga pants. The latter is no surprise, but let’s hope I get my downward dog on after posting this.

Alright, on to my other challenge I hinted about yesterday. So we all know I’m a huge fan of food. I like to cook it, bake it, look at it, read about it, shop for it and lord knows I love to eat it.

I don’t know if any of you read Food Network Magazine, but if you don’t I really think you should. In fact, stop reading this and go buy one. Really, I’ll wait.


Got it? Isn’t it amazing?!!

Real quick, go to page 58! How fun does that look?

Oh, and 88! Guess who will be making (and eating) ALL of those pastas until the buttons on my jeggings pop?

Oh, and for all that is holy in this world, please look at the bruschetta spread on pages 110-113. Yes please.

And finally, will you all turn to page 146. It might be the last page, but it is the most important today.

For those of you not following along (shame on you!) the rest of us are checking out the recipe contest. In every issue they announce what the secret ingredient is for that month. Those who choose to participate have to come up with a recipe using said secret ingredient and submit it by the deadline to be entered to win fun stuff AND have their dish featured in an upcoming issue.

Guess who’s choosing to participate? ME!

The secret ingredient is………

wait for it…….


Honey! And you can bet your sweet bottoms I’ve stocked up and started my list of things I want to make.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. As I said, I love to cook and I especially love coming up with my own recipes. There is nothing like eating a perfect dish and knowing that you came up with that on your own.

My thinking is that even if I don’t win, I’ll still come out of this with a couple new recipes. And that, my friends, is always a win in my book.

And since I’m not that competitive of a person and really think this is going to be fun, I think it would be amazing if some of you came up with your own recipes and submitted them yourself! How cool would it be if one of us had our food featured in Food Network Magazine?! SO cool!

If you do decide to try this little challenge, comment and let me know! I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my kitchen successes (and inevitable failures, of course). Happy cooking!



Balancing Act

7 Jan

No, I’m not talking about me walking around in four inch heels. Although that is one balancing act I’m proud of…

One of my favorite bloggers SnackFace sent out a little “challenge” to all her faithful readers to write a post about what balance means in their life. Hers are all classy and wonderful, mine are not. Hopefully somebody will read this and agree with at least one of mine, thus proving that I am not the only weirdo in this world.

Balance in my life means…

  • Spending $85 on a haircut and $7 on a pair of shoes.
  • Wearing ridiculous amounts of eye make-up and “finishing the look” with lipsmackers.
  • Eating oatmeal for breakfast and gummy bears for dinner.
  • Doing a hardcore weights session at the gym and then taking a leisurely walk on the treadmill.
  • Having a mild obsession with both George Clooney and Justin Bieber.

Does this mean I'm one of fajillion?

  • Studying for college finals while listening to Miley Cyrus.
  • Spending one day doing nothing but watching mindless TV and working two jobs the next day.
  • Going out on the town on Dec. 30 for my best friend’s birthday and staying in and watching a movie on Dec. 31 for New Years.
  • Eating eggs and bacon hours before starting a month-long vegan “diet”.
  • Applying for jobs in New York City and San Francisco one day, and Austin and Houston the next.
  • Watching the Food Network on TV while reading the news online.
  • Drinking nothing but coffee in the morning and nothing buy Sugar-Cookie tea at night.

The other liquid crack

  • Wearing leggings at work and jeggings at home.
  • Going to Target and buying nothing but workout clothes and baking supplies.
  • Having a bookshelf filled with Chuck Palahniuk, Jen Lancaster and Nicholas Sparks.

She kills me!

And last but not least..

  • Being completely in love with my life while having a ridiculous need for change.

What does your balance look like? Please tell me somebody else eats candy for dinner!

The Vegan Diaries: It begins…

2 Jan

This isn’t a New Years resolution. I haven’t really gotten around to those yet, I’m thinking I’ll schedule that sometime in March.

No, this is a “my mom is a ninja and can jedi mindtrick me into anything she wants.”

Vegan diet. One month. It’s on.

The reason we chose January is because we decided on this little challenge in December but I had already baked eight dozen cookies and I wasn’t about to not eat them. They deserve better than that!

So that brought us to the morning January 1st. The morning of all mornings. The day I woke up and promptly ate a delicious breakfast of………..bacon and eggs.

Whoops. My bad.

I swear I’m serious about this. I’m just serious about bacon too. Sorry I’m not that sorry. Also, don’t tell my mom.

All jokes aside, I am excited and nervous about this. Originally I agreed to support mom by going vegetarian while she ate her cheese-less sandwiches and drank her creamer-less coffee. I told her how I read a lot of vegan blogs and have checked out a lot of recpies that sound interesting. That of course turned into me drinking soy milk in my coffee and eating tofu over eggs.

Damn it, mom.

After the bacon breakfast, I officially got on track and had a vegetable wrap for lunch and falafels for dinner. They were good. I was good. And then I watched an episode of Dexter in which I completely missed out on an entire scene because I was literally staring at the layer of cream cheese in the FBI dude’s sandwich.

Seriously? This is going to be a long month. Stay tuned…

So this is why I’m single? Nah.

30 Sep

This picture will makes sense once you start reading. And yes, I am holding up the wrong hand. I get confused sometimes.

Ran across the article below while perusing www.bobbybones.com today. For those who are wondering, Bobby Bones is the host of the morning radio show I listen to in Austin. I’m basically obsessed with this show. You should hear me on Tuesdays and Thursdays when I drive to SA for class, I literally scream and cry when I start to hear that fuzzy little noise that can only mean I’m losing them. Sad times indeed.

Another thing I’m slightly obsessed with? Lists. Of all sorts. To-do lists, ingredient lists, summer reading lists, etc. I mean, c’mon, this blog was originally centered around lists! I don’t know if it’s because I secretly am an organized person or because I’m so dumb my brain can’t handle sentences strung together in paragraph form. I’ll go with the former.

Moving on,  I always  read these types of articles and wonder if I’m suppose to fall into one of the predetermined categories they oh-so-nicely list for me. Just because I like, okay LOVE, lists doesn’t mean I’d like to be on one thankyouverymuch.

This article is about (insert dramatic pause here)…SINGLE WOMEN.

Which Type Of Single Woman Are You? Here Are 12 Types

1.  The Soul-Mate Seeker: Someone who is doing everything she can to find The One.

2.  The Phoenix: A woman who recently had a painful breakup and is doing everything she can to rise from the ashes in better shape.

3.  The Organic: She prefers to leave things up to destiny and live her own life rather than hunting for men in any methodical or calculated way.

4.  The Princess-in-Waiting: She is waiting to be rescued by a prince (who sure is taking his royal time).

5.  The Late Bloomer: The rest of her life is on hold while she waits for her future husband to appear.

6.  The Free Spirit: She worries that she can only have one or the other — her independence or a committed relationship. (And she thinks the former is better.)

7.  The Wedding Wisher: She suddenly finds herself fantasizing about marriage after a lifetime of not caring about it.

8.  The Town Rebel: She no longer aspires to live the cookie-cutter lifestyle of everyone else in her community, though she once used to.

9.  The Ritual Re-inventor: A woman who wants to get hitched but also feels very strongly about having an unconventional marriage (right down to the wedding ceremony).

10. The Someday-Mom: She would like to have babies someday, but wishes she didn’t feel so much biological pressure to figure it out fast.

11. The Slow & Steady: A woman who hopes to marry when the time is right. Meanwhile, she does her best not to cave to the massive pressure she feels from friends, family, and society.

12. The Trailblazer: A woman who knows married life is not for her, so she’s trying to break a new kind of path to happiness.

End Article. Begin Mansee rant.

Um, really? I’m suppose to tell you that I’m just one of those women? Here’s the real deal:

To the public I (like to think I) am:

The Organic, The Town Rebel, The Someday Mom and  The Slow&Steady.

On the days that I hate the male species I am:

The Phoenix, The Ritual Re-Inventor and The Free Spirit.

If I lived in never, ever land with fairies and talking birds I would be:

The Princess-in-Waiting and The Late Bloomer.

If I find myself at age 50 sharing a one bedroom apartment with 8 dogs I will most certainly be:

The Someday Mom, The Trailblazer (just to make myself feel better, of course), The Wedding Wisher and The Soulmate Seeker.

Damn, I’m out of options. Maybe this is why they haven’t put a ring on it?

What about you? Can you relate to one of the above? Also, does the centered text weird you out? (If it does, I might consider changing it)

What I’ve learned from Twitter

15 Sep

Ha. (Source)

In honor of Twitter unveiling “New Twitter” and the fact that I JUST figured out how to use regular Twitter, here we go!

I’ve learned…

1. For someone like me, who puts a lot of thought into everything they say, how it could be taken and, most importantly, how funny it is 140 characters is NOT ENOUGH. I can literally use that all up in commas, periods and question marks. Also, why is a space considered a character? It’s like air and air is not a character! Have you ever seen movie credits that say “and guest starring….Air”? No. Get on that Twitter.

2. You can make anything into an actual topic of conversation by putting one of these in front of the word(s): #. How crazy is that?! #college #procrastination #imblogginginsteadofstudyingbecauseimsoovercollegeandwanttograduateandgetanawesomejob. SEE, so cool!

3. Not only can Kanye West be considered the voice of our generation, he is now the voice of Twitter.

4. Retweets are kind of like sloppy seconds. Except less slutty.

5.I found out about John Mayer quitting Twitter….on Twitter.

6. 5,249,325. That is the number of followers Justin Bieber has. I am one of them. By the time you read this that number will probably be higher as will my degree of Bieber Fever.

7. Twitter is one of the few things that makes me feel like a 23-year-old. If you knew what time I go to bed, you’d think I was 65. If you knew how much Disney Channel I watch, you’d think I was 12. If you knew what went on in my head, you’d think I was crazy (oh wait, I am.) However, I can tweet from my phone and that’s what people my age do. It might be the only thing we do, but we do it well.

8. Twitter (or Twitterers, or Twits, whatev) need(s) spell check. It needs spell check more than I need to get over my dream of marrying an American tennis player and traveling all over the world with him while he wins championship after championship (all because of my love and support, of course). Yea, it needs it bad.

9. Twitter should win the award for “Website that made Mansee feel like a tool because she hated it for so long and thought that people who used it were dumb and it would never catch on and now she’s on it and is slightly obsessed with knowing what the Jonas Brothers are doing at all time.” I’ll even make a plaque.

10. Even though I only have 17 followers (pathetic, I know) I honestly think those 17 people truly truly care about my tweets. Even @FunNews. I don’t know who they are or what they do but I do know that they care deeply about me.

11. Insert shameless plug here: Follow me @ManseeKMuzumdar 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my “Read this too!” page here. All good blogs, totally worth your time.

What I’ve learned from running: Essay style.

13 Sep

So I’ve been sitting here for roughly 18 minutes trying to figure out how to put this post in my normal list form. But it just doesn’t seem good enough, and all my thoughts keep coming out in essay form so that’s what we’re gonna do. If you have a problem, please go start your own blog and complain about it there.


I recently started running/jogging/moving my ass. I’d like to say my main reason for this is because I care about leading a really healthy lifestyle and running makes me feel good. That’s about 15 percent true. The deal is that as a 23 year old who is about to graduate college (and hopefully land an amazing job *wink wink recruiters*) I feel like I need to start maintaining some sort of young adult lifestyle. And for some unknown reason I happen to think jogging is a part of that. And, for the record, so is lunch from Central Market and no less than two Happy Hours per week.

But I’m not a good runner. Infact, one might say I suck at it. And it’s not for reasons you might think. Here’s a conversation me and you might have about this:

You: Is it because you would rather stay at home and bake cookies?

Me: Nah, I still make time for cookies.

You: Oh, well is it because you have to go early in the morning?

Me: I’m going to say no, but we all know it kind of is.

You: Are you worried what other people might think?

Me: Other people can suck it.

Okay, enough of our pretend conversation (though it was lovely talking to you), the real reason why I can’t run is because I am completely 100 percent insanely  crazy. Seriously. My entire run is just me fighting with myself and freaking out about nothing, it’s a wonder my head hasn’t exploded yet. I manage to turn everything into something and, frankly, that is more exhausting than the workout itself.

Allow me to give you a glimpse of what goes in my head during a morning run. This is about 90 seconds of material right here:

Crap, didn’t get up in time. The sun’s gonna shine it’s stupid little face on me now.

Which trail has the most shade? But more importantly, which trail is creeper free?

Ow. My knees shouldn’t hurt this early in. I need to steal one of Dad’s knee braces.


Would it be weird to stop, turn around and chase the owner to see if I could pet her dog?

Damn, they’re too far away.

Ugh, I see the sun.

Maybe I should do an interval thingy. So like one minute of running, two of walking?

Ugh, I can’t be trusted to do that. If I stop to walk I’ll just end up taking a nap on that rock.

Ow, that sounds painful.

Go away sun. I DON’T LIKE YOU.

Oh my god, is that a…? Oh lord, please don’t let that be a snake. Oh no, no, no, no.

Is it moving. Should I keep moving? I’m going to die.



It’s a condom.

Why the eff is their a condom in the middle of this trail?

Why the eff did I mistake a condom for a snake?

I wonder how long it has been since I started. If I had good earphones that actually stayed in my ear than I could bring my iPod with me and I would know. Stupid cheap earphones.

*Sigh* I could really go for some Justin Bieber or Miley Cryus pick-me up songs right now.

Or Glee.

I need new music.

Legs hurt real bad. Should I stop to walk? Will they hurt more if I stop? Will I ever be able to walk again?


What was that?! Was that a bird? I should carry mase with me. Gah, that’s a loud stupid bird.

Shit. I need to stop watching Law&Order..it’s messing with my mind.

Okay now I’m just tired. And it hurts. Nobody is going to judge me if I stop now. And if they do, who cares?

*Stops. Turns around.*

Shit. I still have to make it back home.



See? Totally crazy.

Now excuse me while I go bake some cookies and attempt to make at least six before eating all the batter.

What I’ve learned from Facebook statuses

21 Jul

My Facebook friends are some crazy ass people.* Especially my homegirl and my sassy friend.

1. Apparently the chorus of the most popular song of the moment is EXACTLY what people are feeling at EXACTLY the same time. P.S. Airplanes aren’t shooting stars, so stop wishing.

2. It’s hot/cold/rainy/windy/whatever outside. Thanks guys, it’s not like I ever leave my apartment or anything.

3. My friends who work at Starbucks really don’t enjoy working for Starbucks. Especially when a certain somejuan is around. (ha!)

4. Finals are in December and May and midterms are roughly six weeks before that. Summer classes suck all around. This information would be awesome if I didn’t have my own syllabus.


6. Now “you’re” hungover. And it sucks. Thank the lord for tacos and Gatorade, huh?

7. I have really emo friends.

8. Sometimes my friends love their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mom/dog/professor/that guy they met on the bus/their landlord/etc.

9. Sometimes my friends hate their boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/mom/dog/professor/that guy they met on the bus/their landlord/etc.

10. About 25% of my high school is getting married or is already married! And I can’t get a date! The latter isn’t on the status, just thought I’d throw that one in there.

11. That crazy drunk girl who sent that text on http://www.textsfromlastnight.com? Totally could have been that girl from my group in that one class two years ago. Because she is “JUST LIKE HER.” Yes, please continue being proud of this.

12. Everybody thinks their pet is the best. Um, actually mine is.

13. “You” are going to school, then work, then the gym, then “you” are going to relax for a little bit before doing your homework, THEN “you” are going to shower and go to sleep.

14. Oh wait, I forgot! “You” are going to eat and scratch “you’re” butt sometime today too.

*I’m a crazy ass person too. Obviously I’m guilty of half of these. Yay Facebook!