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What I’ve learned from moving back home

17 Aug

I made the decision to live at home in Austin for my last semester at UTSA. Yes, this means I will be commuting two days a week but that’s not really bothering me as much as one would think. I was tired of paying (err, my parents were tired of paying) for an apartment, and because of my internships I was literally making no money. This meant I couldn’t go out with friends, I had to be really careful how I used up gas, etc. I will miss San Antonio, and leaving Jessica was super hard, but I know this is right for me. Plus, I eventually want to move to a city like Chicago or Boston or something like that and I want this extra time with my parents 🙂 PLUS, I have a full kitchen to my disposal 🙂 HELLO amazingly wonderful meals!

I’ve learned…

1. Packing and unpacking isn’t that bad when most of your life actually fits in your tiny little Ford Focus. However carrying boxes up and down three flights of stairs in 100 degree Texas weather is that bad.

2. Being able to wake up in the morning and know that I have everything I want and need to make a good breakfast is so wonderful. You have no idea. After a year of always running out of bananas or milk, this is heaven. Actually it’s not just breakfast, anytime I want food in my mouth is when this is wonderful.

3. Heaven is also always having my dog around to cuddle with.

4. When you’re living at home it’s okay to relax for a while. I use to feel a little guilty on my off days in San Antonio, but I’m more chill in my house here. Probably because there are so many couches and beds in this place!

5. Having a billion pictures of my family around me at all times is fantastic.

6. I can do Hip Hop Abs and not worry about bothering the people below me! However my parents will laugh at me, and they do so often. Whatevs, 6-pack here I come!

7. Getting up at 7:00 am to workout is easier when you know there is a beautiful trail behind your house you can run (or run/walk in my case) on. The friendly neighbors help as well. My kind of creepy apartment neighbors made me want to stay inside. Forever.

8. DVR. Enough said.

9. My dad’s iMac. Enough said.

10. Two words: Free groceries 🙂