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“Wish List”

21 Sep


Hi friends! So I’ve spent all weekend trying to come up with ideas for this weeks posts and you know what I’ve got? Nada.

Okay, I lied. I didn’t even think about this blog because Saturday was my mom’s birthday and we literally spent the entire day drinking wine, cooking delicious food and baking delicious (layered!) cakes with (homemade!) pudding. Sunday I spent laying on the couch watching Law&Order:SVU while I cursed myself for making a three layered chocolate cake and eating it. And then today I ran, volunteered at the humane society,  read for class and watched most of Dancing with the Stars.

I obviously won’t be doing a “tips for living an exciting life” post anytime soon.

Anywho, at some point today I started flipping through one of my Glamour magazines, circa 2006. Yea, I hoard magazines. There was an article in there about having a “wish list” and it made me think about my own. If we’re being completely honest here, I think about this list often because I’m graduating soon and I can almost taste my future, but this article did make me realize some things about myself.

Here’s a glimpse into my “wish list” (in no particular order):

  • Own more dogs! (All from shelters)
  • Run a marathon
  • Live in a big city (Top 5: New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta)
  • Be known for my awesome dinner parties
  • Start my own company (with partners, not by myself–I’m not completely crazy)
  • Be successful at my career while still holding on to old-fashioned ways (like sending handwritten cards and SMILING)
  • Buy a Chanel bag
  • Buy Christian Louboutin shoes
  • Take my entire family on an amazing vacation

I’ll stop for now. You’ll notice I don’t have things like “Meet the love of my life” and “Have 2.5 kids” on there. And this is why: I am so full of myself and so sure of my awesomeness that I know I’ll have those “things”, so I don’t have to wish for them. Ha, or something like that.

When asked what they want most out of life, a lot of people say “To be happy”. But for me, happiness is already there. I was born a genuienly happy girl and I was blessed with a wonderful family and lovely friends who have kept me that way.

If I was a cookie, happiness would be my flour. (Good grief, that was gross. Where do I come up with this stuff?)

  • Question: What do you want most out of life?
  • My answer: To make other people happy.

I know I can be happy doing the bare minimum. And I know I can meet some guy and get married somewhere and have some kids and live some life. But where’s the fun in that? I love nothing more than knowing that my parents are proud of me, knowing that I made someone laugh, knowing that I’m the person my friends call if they want to talk. I want to have enough for myself so that I can give to other people (and, okay, so I can get that bag and those shoes–but there is nothing wrong with wanting nice things!).

I want (borderline need) to push myself. I need to think big because it’s the only way I’ll do it. And if it doesn’t work out? Then it wasn’t meant to be, but it for damn sure was not because I didn’t try. This “wish list” is not something I can lay back and watch come to fruition. I mean, that’s why the quotation marks are there.

Less wishing, more working. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

As for a husband and kids? Of course I want them.  But I will not be working for them.  That is an aspect of my life that I believe will come to me when I’m ready and deserving. And if all my wishes do come true, than that guy (whoever he is) is going to be one lucky guy.

So I will keep applying to the best PR companies in the world. I will train for that marathon. I will start thinking up names for my company. I will learn how to roast a whole chicken. I will book that cruise for my family.

And I will continue to be happy.


What do you wish for?