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Just call me Queen Bee

8 Feb

Update from yesterday’s post: I bought a few new yoga DVD’s (2 for $9.99 holla!) and I’m currently wearing yoga pants. The latter is no surprise, but let’s hope I get my downward dog on after posting this.

Alright, on to my other challenge I hinted about yesterday. So we all know I’m a huge fan of food. I like to cook it, bake it, look at it, read about it, shop for it and lord knows I love to eat it.

I don’t know if any of you read Food Network Magazine, but if you don’t I really think you should. In fact, stop reading this and go buy one. Really, I’ll wait.


Got it? Isn’t it amazing?!!

Real quick, go to page 58! How fun does that look?

Oh, and 88! Guess who will be making (and eating) ALL of those pastas until the buttons on my jeggings pop?

Oh, and for all that is holy in this world, please look at the bruschetta spread on pages 110-113. Yes please.

And finally, will you all turn to page 146. It might be the last page, but it is the most important today.

For those of you not following along (shame on you!) the rest of us are checking out the recipe contest. In every issue they announce what the secret ingredient is for that month. Those who choose to participate have to come up with a recipe using said secret ingredient and submit it by the deadline to be entered to win fun stuff AND have their dish featured in an upcoming issue.

Guess who’s choosing to participate? ME!

The secret ingredient is………

wait for it…….


Honey! And you can bet your sweet bottoms I’ve stocked up and started my list of things I want to make.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am. As I said, I love to cook and I especially love coming up with my own recipes. There is nothing like eating a perfect dish and knowing that you came up with that on your own.

My thinking is that even if I don’t win, I’ll still come out of this with a couple new recipes. And that, my friends, is always a win in my book.

And since I’m not that competitive of a person and really think this is going to be fun, I think it would be amazing if some of you came up with your own recipes and submitted them yourself! How cool would it be if one of us had our food featured in Food Network Magazine?! SO cool!

If you do decide to try this little challenge, comment and let me know! I’ll be sure to keep y’all updated on my kitchen successes (and inevitable failures, of course). Happy cooking!



The Vegan Diaries: Now what?

2 Feb

Warning: The photos in this post are awful because I don’t have a camera and had to use my phone. And even though my phone is superfreakingawesome, it’s camera is not so superfreakingawesome. SO, please do not compare me to other bloggers who can take superfreakingawesome photos. (cough Jessica cough). Thank you.

I bet you’re wondering what my first non-vegan meal was. You’ve probably been waiting all day to find out!

Or you’ve read my past posts and have noticed that I’ve done nothing but talk about cheese for a week.

If it’s the latter, than you won’t be surprised that I woke up and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich this morning. And it was delicious.

With a side of blueberries, also known as "bloobs" by other blogs/in my head.

My mom insists I don’t get enough antioxidants, so she took it upon herself to buy two huge things of bloobs for me. I keep trying to tell her I eat enough dark chocolate a day to feed a small village (dark chocolate=antioxidants, duh) but she refuses to listen.

Also, that picture was taken in my parents bathroom. That’s how bad the lighting was in the rest of the house.

At work, I ate…nothing.

I had expected to find myself pining over our cookies and soups and cheesecakes, etc. But oddly enough, I didn’t really want any of that. Perhaps I’m growing up?

Oh, but I did eat a bag of cheetos. Guess I’m not growing up. Hmph.

When I got home (which was SUCH a drama because my car basically froze while I was working and my accelerator just did not want to go. I had to sit there for like 15 minutes to allow it to warm-up. What a baby.) I found that my mom had made soup!

Seafood soup to be exact. Ate it all, except for the okra because the slimy seeds remind me of my dog's drool. Truth.

Oh and my mom would like all of you to know that she made that soup from scratch, including the broth. As in she made homemade seafood broth. Impressive, no?

I also had more bread and cheese on the side. No complaints.

And fried stuff.

These pics are making all my food look gross, but I swear it was delicious.

I bet you’re wondering what Max was doing while I was eating, huh?

Surprisingly enough, this was the best picture I could get. Sigh.

He sat two feet away and stared at me. Just stared. The entire time I was eating/taking pictures of him with my phone.

And here’s a photo of a cute mug, just for fun!

Kind of trippy...

I ate dinner while watching today’s episode of Oprah. Ironically enough, Oprah and her staff went vegan for one week and the show was about how they dealt with it. But it was also about how animals are treated in this country and what “vegan-ish” diets can do for our bodies. By no means was it a “meat is bad!” type of episode, rather the main message was that we should all be aware of what we’re eating.

I took away a few things from the episdoe:

1. Trying a vegan diet really does make you aware of what foods you eat, and how dependent we can be on animal products.

2. However, with that said, I can firmly say that a vegan diet is not for me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t do it long enough for my body to fully adjust or because I ended up carbo-loading like I was running a marathon (seriously, I ate more bagels this month than I did all of 2010. Atkins, who?), but this way of life just isn’t for me.

3. My dog does look like a baby cow (otherwise known as a calf) which made me super sad when they were showing the slaughterhouses.


5. I love cheese. I really, really love cheese. BUT I had no desire to eat any sort of meat today. Not even bacon. Weird. I know I will eventually eat it again (maybe not red meat?) but I didn’t crave it today (or all month for that matter) the way I thought I would.

So in conclusion, I’m happy with my decision. I loved the challenge of being vegan but I don’t care for the lifestyle.  However, I’m so glad I gave it a shot and would encourage others to do the same.

I’ll support you by baking vegan cookies whenever you want 🙂

Alright kids, it’s cold and I want to go snuggle with my baby cow dog:

Ahh look at his little squished up face!

Oh and one more thing! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for reading. Being able to write about this little challenge really helped me and provided a sense of motivation that I don’t think I would have had otherwise. Y’all rock–give yourself a pat on the back!

What I learned from watching TED.com (instead of sleeping)

23 Jul


I might need to buy out a Starbucks in the morning, but this website is so worth it You know the worst part? My brother told me about ted.com a couple of months ago but I didn’t check it out until tonight. To all the little sisters out there: listen to your older brothers. They know what’s up.

Some people have this amazing ability to speak. They can get up on stage in front of 4, 400 or 4,000 people and rock it. The fact that I can listen to a complete stranger talk for 20 minutes and come away wanting to know everything about that person and what they believe in is astounding to me. I don’t know if this can be taught, but if it can I’ll be the first to sign up. There is so much more to this website that I haven’t even begun to explore, but I plan on doing so very soon.

I’ve learned…

1. The crazy kids running around driving everybody nuts are most likely the same ones who will change the world. Think about this.

2. It is possible to watch the same lecture multiple times and still cry like a baby with every view. And when you’re done crying remember that it is possible to touch someone’s life without ever knowing you’ve done so. Randy Pausch may never know how much he meant to so many people, but he did know how much he meant to his family..and for him that was more than enough. If you haven’t watched this yet, do it now.

3. No matter how advanced our society thinks we are, there is always room for more. But, instead of focusing on the latest phones and tiny little music player thingys, why don’t we use these skills and actually help a person. Or a million people? Figure out what counts and make it count.

4. How to be successful. Okay, not exactly. What I loved about this was that there was no actual answer. It’s nothing we haven’t heard before. Work hard, push through failures, etc. It’s like my struggle with losing weight. I’ve known for years that the “answer” is eating healthy and being active. Duh. But sometimes you just need to hear it one more time for it to really hit home.

5. If you have an idea, go for it. If you have another idea, go for that one too. Just because you’ve done one successful thing doesn’t mean you’ve filled some sort of quota. This wonderful woman took her love for food and used it to feed others. Then, she realized that even more people need help. Not just those who are hungry, but those who need to create a better,  healthier, relationship with food. At the age of 30, she has committed the next 30 years of her life (at least!) to try and stop world hunger AND the rise of obesity. Amazing.

6. It is possible to be happy even if we don’t get exactly what we want in life, or what we THINK we want in life. I’m not sure how I feel about the term synthetic happiness., but it’s something to think about. One of the values I live my life by is the importance of happiness. I don’t think anything is worth doing if you’re not, at some point, happy that you did it. Of course life is hard, but I’m a firm believer that the harder you work and more you push through those hard times, the happier your entire life becomes. But, hey, I’m only 23..I have a lot of jaded years ahead of me, right?